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Options for Facial Rejuvenation

Various surgical and non-surgical treatments are available to rejuvenate the aging face and body. Surgery targets the excess quantity of soft tissue that accumulates with age, the loss of facial volume, and any tissue hypertrophy. Non-surgical procedures focus on the quality of the skin and deficiencies of the underlying layers. Naturally, there will be an overlap in the effects of the different surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Non-surgical anti-aging treatment can be described from various perspectives:

  • By the nature of the deformity (such as wrinkle, fold, or furrow)
  • By the skin layer in which the defect occurs (the epidermis or dermis)
  • By the technique used to address it (such as exfoliation, injectable fillers, resurfacing, or chemodenervation)

Because of the many causes of wrinkles and because different skin areas respond differently to treatment, optimal treatment often necessitates a multifaceted approach. The ideal treatment should be individualized to address each patient’s individual situation and unique aesthetic goals. At the beginning of the Facial Aesthetic Package, all patients are instructed to follow a preoperative skin care protocol.

Skin care protocol

The preoperative protocol of the Facial Aesthetic Package for facial rejuvenation includes an aggressive skin care program, the use of cosmeceuticals to improve skin quality and texture, and a variety of non-surgical treatments to improve the quality of skin and ultimately enhance the results of facial surgery. For example, facial rejuvenation patients may start with a skin care regimen of intense pulsed light (IPL), daily skin care, and peels to prepare the skin for surgery. These treatments continue after surgery with a regimen designed to optimize those results.

Patients are instructed to carefully follow the preoperative plan, scheduling as many visits as necessary with the master aesthetician. Diligence is important for obtaining optimal results.

Comprehensive skin care program

A comprehensive skin care program consists of two basic components:

    • Cleansing
    • Restoration
      – Hydratation
      – Repair
      – Sun protection

Non-surgical treatments for facial wrinkles

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments for facial wrinkles include one or a combination of the following four methods, depending on the nature and location of the defect:

    • BOTOX® injections for paralysis of the muscles contributing to wrinkle formation (dynamic lines).
    • Lasers, chemical peels, or dermabrasion for resurfacing static lines.
    • Tissue filler to replace missing dermal components or subcutaneous fat.
    • Self-applied prescription or cosmeceutical topical agents can also be useful and are designed to complement and supplement non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments.

Non-surgical treatments for skin quality

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments include:

    • Microdermabrasion (face, neck and decollete)
    • IPL (face and decollete)
    • Radio frequency
    • Facial peels

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