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Sci-Fi Your Way to Better Skin

Lasers are the stuff of science fiction legend. If they aren’t shooting marauding aliens they’re taking down stormtroopers in the latest Star Wars offering. But at Saltz Plastic Surgery we utilize this sci-fi staple to zap different enemies: age spots, acne scars, even warts! The procedure is called a laser peel. Laser peels are very […]

Radiofrequency Energy — Not Just for Your Car

While cruising in your car, you may think that’s as far as radiofrequency energy goes, playing the latest Katy Perry tune. But if you believe that, then your loose skin on your face will suffer for it. Because fountains searched for by Ponce de Leon and elixirs slurped up by the dude in Indiana Jones […]

Sir Mix-a-Lot Was Before His Time

It turns out Sir Mix-a-Lot was before his time. His ode to big-butted women, Baby’s Got Back, was somewhat scandalous when it was released in 1992, particularly the music video. But now, everyone wants a bigger, rounder backside. Just look at the popularity of the backsides of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Nicky Minaj, and […]

Tired of People Asking You If You’re Tired?

Gravity is a cruel master. Sure it keeps us from flying off into space (good), but it also pulls every inch of our skin downward every minute of every day (bad). The various stresses of daily life don’t help, either. The results show everywhere, including your forehead. Problem is, those results on your forehead — […]

Your Chin Doesn’t Need a Stunt Double

As we age, our chin doesn’t always play well with others. In fact, it sags, develops fat pockets, and can be a slave to the forces of gravity. The result is a rounded double chin where once there was a sharp profile. And if you have a double chin you’re in good company. A 2015 […]

Make Your Cosmetic Surgery a Vacation

Ever wonder why people travel to distant locales to have a cosmetic procedure done? Well, one look at the beautiful mountains and historic charm of Park City, Utah, and you’ll understand why people come to Utah to have their procedure with Dr. Saltz in his Park City office. Think about it. If you’re live someplace […]