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Dr. Saltz quoted in article on Yahoo Beauty!

The land of legendary beaches is more culturally open to going under the knife than virtually any other place. Celebrities and those with means tend to nip and tuck in the U.S., but cosmetic surgery is more democratic in Brazil, where it’s essentially available to every income level of the population and where people feel […]

Dr. Saltz Featured on The Coveteur in a Article About Beauty Treatments That Our Favorite Brazilian Women Swear By

DR. RENATO SALTZ Board Certified Plastic Surgeon “The number of non-surgical procedures done in this country is crazy, [and the] stats on non-surgical treatments are almost unbelievable for many reasons. They’re less invasive, safer, less expensive, and there are things that really work. The top non-surgical treatments Dr. Saltz is seeing Brazilian women requesting: “Cellfina […]

Dr. Saltz Speaks in First São Paulo Breast Surgery Symposium

Dr. Renato Saltz gave several informative and inspirational talks about breast surgery during the first edition of São Paulo Breast Surgery Symposium organized by Dr. Sampaio Goes and Dr. Rolf Gemberli and held at Instituto Brasileiro Controle Cancer (IBCC) last October 17 to 18. Organized by the IBCC or the Brazilian Institute for Cancer Control, […]