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Bringing Back Up Your Backside

It’s easy to see the sagging from aging on our faces, necks, breasts, and even our stomach area. It’s not so easy to see our derriere. But it’s sagging just like everything else, unfortunately. In addition to sagging, our bottoms tend to flatten with age. Neither of those characteristics would be high on the list […]

Now’s the Time to Shore Up Those Arms

Giggly upper arms are never welcome. Heaven forbid someone ever mentions the term “bat wings” when they just saw you wave goodbye to a friend while wearing a sleeveless blouse! At least in winter, your arms are covered up with layers of clothes. But that same phenomenon makes winter a perfect time to address the […]

Kybella is a Fat Killer

A double chin mysteriously shows up one day, kind of like that “relative” whom you’ve never heard of who shows up at Thanksgiving. Most people develop some double chin at some point, either as a result of sagging skin or the accumulation of fat under their chin. When the cause is fat, the term is […]

ISAPS 2016 Statistics

Since Dr. Saltz is currently the president of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it’s apropos that we detail the ISAPS’s recent release of statistics for 2016. As you would expect, demand for aesthetic procedures continues to grow, with a 9% increase in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2016. Here are highlights of […]

The Fix is In for Your Nose

Having a nose you hate is difficult because every day when you get up and look in the mirror there, it is looking right back at you. Maybe you don’t feel your nose is symmetrical with the rest of your face. Maybe the tip is too bulbous. Maybe there’s a bump on your bridge. Maybe […]