International Surgeons Skiing Now


There may be no better time than now to impress international visitors with your business offerings. Hundreds of plastic surgeons from around the world are in Park City this weekend attending the third annual American-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting.

Dr. Renato Saltz, owner of Saltz Plastic Surgery and Saltz Spa Vitoria in Park City, is the founder of the conference.

Brazilian-born and American-educated, Saltz is familiar with both nations and is therefore aware they are home to the two largest communities of plastic surgeons. As such, each has areas of strength superior to what is being done in the other country. It only made sense to create a way to share that expertise for the betterment of all, he explained.

A benefit to hosting a relatively small event for members of the profession is the casual atmosphere. Surgeons feel comfortable challenging each other’s research at this meeting when they would never do so at a giant national meeting. Another benefit to the size is that people new to the profession get a chance to present their innovations.

“Even if you have a great technique, it’s hard to be accepted (at national conventions) because there are so many good experts submitting abstracts,” he said.

The first year saw 170 participants attend. Last year’s meeting was held in Sao Paulo and had over 1,000 participants. This year’s meeting is back in Park City and has registration exceeding 250 people. The number of foreigners signed up is triple from two years ago with people coming from a dozen different countries around the world.

Past presidents of the national organizations and editors of the profession’s top journals are in attendance, giving the meeting prestige, he said.

His fellow Brazilians love the snow, and were hitting the slopes before this weekend’s meetings enjoying the recent storm, Saltz said.

“We’re bringing people here who have never skied before, he added. “Everybody seems to be happy I think they love this place.”

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