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Utah’s Mommy Makeover: A State Rich in Plastic Surgeons

Apr 25th 2013 A state rich in plastic surgeons It surprises many people, but studies have found that conservative, sober Utah shows the nation’s highest interest in breast implants, according to a plastic surgery marketing site Forbes magazine, in 2007, went so far as to call Salt Lake City the “vainest” city in America because of its […]

New FDA Approved Technique Freezes Fat

Reported by: Carla Roberts Wednesday, April 13 2011 There’s a new way to get rid of unwanted fat, without ever having surgery. It has the approval of the Food Drug Administration and patients say it’s kind of cool. The name of the procedure is called cool sculpting. It uses a device that freezes fat cells. […]

Butt-Boosting Injections Hospitalize Another Woman

Butt-Boosting Injections Hospitalize Another Woman Ana Josefa Sevilla, Who Is Not a Doctor, Administered the Shots, Police Say By DAN CHILDS, ABC News Medical Unit Sept. 17, 2010— ABC US News | ABC Business News The illegal and dangerous practice of injecting toxic material into the buttocks for cosmetic purposes has surfaced once more in Florida, this […]

FDA Cracks Down on Lipodissolve Hype

FDA Cracks Down on Lipodissolve Hype Spas Warned of False, Misleading Claims About Fat-Melting Injections By Denise Mann WebMD Health News Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD April 7, 2010 — The FDA today scolded six U.S. spas and one Brazilian company for making false and misleading claims about fat-melting injections known as mesotherapy, lipodissolve, lipozap, lipotherapy, […]


A 30 anos radicado nos Estados Unidos, o cirurgião plástico gaúcho Renato Saltz será empossado como presidente da Sociedade Americana de Cirurgia Estética no congresso no dia 5 de maio, em Las Vegas. Os pais e familiares do médico e de sua mulher, Flávia Aspesi-Saltz, Jayme e Berta Saltz, Nelson e Luiza Aspesi, Álvaro e […]

Prescription for a Day at the Spa

ASAPS meeting explores efficacy of medical-grade skin care treatments Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 06, 2011 Many plastic surgeons are incorporating skin care services into their patient treatment plans. A panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) will explore the role of medical grade, topical skincare treatments for facial […]

Os riscos da moda dos seios fartos

Cresce a procura por implantes de silicone cada vez maiores e aumenta o número de adolescentes que desejam fazer essa cirurgia plástica. Especialistas indicam como evitar problemas Mônica Tarantino e Rachel Costa Full article

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