New FDA Approved Technique Freezes Fat

Reported by: Carla Roberts
Wednesday, April 13 2011

There’s a new way to get rid of unwanted fat, without ever having surgery. It has the approval of the Food Drug Administration and patients say it’s kind of cool.

The name of the procedure is called cool sculpting. It uses a device that freezes fat cells. Overtime, the body naturally eliminates the dead cells. With proper diet and exercise, patients generally will see results in a matter of weeks.

“It’s not a diet. It’s not a weight loss treatment,” said Doctor Renato Saltz, a plastic surgeon in the intermountain region.

Dr. Saltz says cool sculpting is less invasive than surgery. It’s also less expensive in comparison to other weight loss methods. “It’s very safe,” says Dr. Saltz. “I made sure that we reviewed all of the data before we got involved in all of this.”

The average cost for one cool sculpting treatment is about $1,200 and you should expect to pay for at least 2-to-3 treatments. There’s no surgery involved and the procedure takes about an hour.

This is not a long-term weight loss treatment. Doctor Saltz says it’s designed to “sculpt” the body. This is not for patients who are obese.

For more information on the technique visit the following Web sites:

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