Dr. Saltz Discusses Thermage on KSL News

Video Transcription:

Anchor A: A face lift without surgery? It’s happening right now in a few doctors’ offices, with a device that can tighten and reshape a face with heat, rather nice.

Anchor B: Yeah, Ed Yeates has been looking onto this and says for some people with drooping faces, things are looking up.

Ed: Dr. Renato Saltz is getting ready to tighten and reshape Steven Katz’s face.

Dr. Saltz: Where we can get some brow lift, some brow elevation, and also a little bit of a cheek lift by tightening his mid-face skin.

Ed: Instead of using a knife, Saltz simply presses a handheld device against the skin. It sends out a radio frequency wave, which cools tissue on the outside while heating and promoting collagen growth underneath. On the standard pain scale of one to ten, Steven describes the feeling about a half to one, but he says it really isn’t pain as much as it is a sensation.

Katz is among a growing number of men now considering a partial face lift because this outpatient procedure requires no post op recovery.

Steven: That I could come in and be out of here in 20, 30 minutes and it would help rejuvenate my youthfulness throughout.

Ed: Ditto for Beverly Davis. She had her first treatment about two months ago.

Beverly: There was no redness, no swelling. There’s nothing. There’s no residual effect afterwards.

Ed: Some others, a mid-lower face and neck before and two weeks after. Another before and after. Mid-lower face before and after. Thermage, as it’s called, is expensive, running $1200 to $1500 per each one of these marked zones on the face. And long term?

Dr. Saltz: How long is it going to last? How is it going to look in five years? Nobody knows. It’s a whole different approach to collagen and to facial rejuvenation.

Ed: But for now, though subtle, with only half the face completed, Steven and his wife like what they see.

A: Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Unknown: The right eye…

Steven: You think?

A: Yeah.

Ed: Ed Yeates, Salt Lake City.

Anchor B: Dr. Saltz says thermal heating will not replace surgical face lifts. Cutting the face is still the only way if a person wants major changes in their appearance.

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