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Host: Well, a well-defined rear is all the rage today and sometimes no matter how much weight you lose or how many squats you do, some people, just need a little professional help. And that was our next guest’s pleas. All her life Tracy’s heard, “What a beautiful face you have,.” Not lost in translation, “If only you would lose weight.”

Tracee: I was more content being home or sneaking off to a dark movie theater and eating a bucket of popcorn.

Host: After topping the scale at 291 pounds, her life changing moment came during a humiliating trip to New York.

Tracee: And as we sat in the plane, I noticed that the seat belt didn’t even fit. I was so embarrassed.Ii couldn’t even ask for a seat belt extender, I had my husband ask for one to pretend like it was for him, And then while in New York, I was so excited to see a play on Broadway. Oh my god, I couldn’t even fit in the seat. And actually even bruised the sides of my hips with trying to squeeze into the seat. So November of last year I had Gastric Bypass Surgery and have now lost 111 pounds.

Host: But Gastric Bypass Surgery left her with…

Tracee: A ton of loose skin. So, I decided to have that taken care of.

Dr. Saltz: So, this one we are here, we’re gong to liposuction first and then we’re going to start lifting your butt. So, this is kind of the results you can expect.

Host: Plastic surgeon, Dr. Renato Saltz, Park City Medical Center, specializes in butt lift surgery.

Dr. Saltz: Patients come in and say, “I want to look like J-Lo.”

Host: His expertise, not surprising, considering he was born in Brazil.

Dr. Saltz: Brazilians love their butts. You go to Rio, you see the small bikinis ad butt surgery, very very popular in that country. So, we in the U.S., we use a lot of their techniques now.

Host: Techniques he’s perfected at Park City Medical Center. A leading pioneer in the booming business of Medical Tourism.

Tracee: We’re finding more and more people are saying, why don’t I combine a vacation with this. Why don’t I come to a beautiful place and recover in natural, beautiful surroundings?

Dr. Saltz: They offer concierge services. They will pick you up at the airport, put you in one of the finest hotels you have in the United States, it’s right here in the mountains. The great combination of modern, safe cosmetic surgery in a perfect setting.

Tracee: I’m shaking, I’m nervous but going in with a positive attitude and knowing that I’m doing it with a good, skilled surgeon at a safe place.

Host: Marked and fresh for surgery, Tracy heads into the OR.

Dr. Saltz: You’re going to go to sleep now, okay.

Host: After her five hour procedure, Dr. Saltz is pleased with the results.

Dr. Saltz: This has been lifted, this has been lifted.

Tracee: I’m so excited. My husband is from Hawaii, we go to Hawaii often, It will be so fun to wear a swimming suit without a skirt.

Host: All right, it’s been one month since her surgery and this is what she looked like before, and let’s see the results. Tracee come on out. She wants to show off, I love it. That’s amazing. You look amazing. Now, it’s only been about 30 days and you’ve already lost 8 pounds and you’re down a pants size? Is that right?

Tracee: I’m down a pants size, yes.

Host: Shake what your momma gave you. She’s already shaking it. She’s showing her Beyonce I like it.

Tracee: I love it.

Host: Now, we are all going absolutely crazy but the only opinion that really matters is your hubby Wilton. Wilton, what do you think?

Wilton: I love it, I’m happy for her.

Host: So, they just lift it? Is that what they do?

Tracee: So, they lift it laterally on my thighs, they lifted my butt, pulled down my back, because I had a roll of skin right here. They tried doing liposuction but it wasn’t much fat, it was mostly all skin. So, pulled down here, lifted here, and then also did my abdomen. So, I was cut, literally, all the way around.

Host: So, tell me about the flight here, how did you fit in the seat?

Tracee: I fit so good in the seat I actually took a picture of the seat belt and texted it to my daughters because there was like this much room left on the seat belt.

Host: I have to say I think it sounds a little daunting. What was the recovery like?

Tracee: So, the first two weeks were probably the most difficult. But, I went back to work probably about 12 days after surgery, had followed up closely with Dr. Saltz and his great team, so it’s been awesome.

Host: Well, let’s thank Dr. Saltz.

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