Dr. Saltz on Plastic Surgery Live

Dr. Renato Saltz demonstrates liquid facial rejuvenation LIVE on Plastic Surgery Live to show Juvederm vs. Radiesse.

Video Transcription:

A: Hey, you’re on the air. Who’s this?

Kate: Hey, this is Kate.

A: Hey, Kate. How are you?

Kate: I’m good.

A: What can I do for you?

Kate: I had a question for Dr. Renato just in general. There are different fillers, and I’ve had some fillers. When would he choose something with a larger particle like Radiesse versus Juvederm?

Dr. Renato: That’s a very good question. Actually, we’re preparing to do Radiesse for her cheek area. So I’m using Juvederm for this lower portion of the face, and when we get to the mid face augmentation we’re going to use Radiesse. We’re also going to use Belotero. This way you can have an idea, your audience can have an idea, of the different products, at least, I use in my practice.

Soft tissue fillers is a very interesting part of our practice. Because in the US, there are only a few products approved by the FDA. That’s why we like to use them. That’s what we’re allowed to use.

In some other countries, there are over 40 or 50 fillers available. I always caution patients, because if you go to another country, there are a lot, a lot of garbage. You just need to be careful and find out what they’re injecting in you, who makes it, and make sure you’re getting a good product. In the US we are limited to a smaller number of products, but I also think these are safer and are products approved for use after extensive research.

Also, some of these products I’m using today are for off-label use. Some of these products can be used only in certain areas. We’re using off-label for other areas. Shauna has signed a written form consent. We spent time with her explaining it to her, and we do that for all patients

I thought that was a very good question.

Kate: Thank you.

A: And, Kate, are you considering having this done yourself, or have you had it done yourself already?

Kate: Oh, I’ve had some stuff done, but I just wasn’t sure. I had somebody suggest Radiesse for me and I just wasn’t sure why you would use one versus the other.

A: I’m curious. What have you had done? Do you mind telling us? Think you’re anonymous. How old are you, and how long have you been having procedures done?

Kate: I am 40. I have had procedures done probably for the last four years or so. I’ve had my nasolabial folds and cheeks done with different fillers, and I’ve had Botox.

A: How’s your experience been?

Kate: Good. But, I’m impressed with the patient, because I find it extremely painful.

A: You do?

Kate: I do.

A: I’m not going to ask you who did your procedure, but when you had the procedure done, were you anesthetized? Did you have the ice packs and all that stuff just like Shauna is using?

Kate: Yeah, yeah.

A: Wow, interesting. So, maybe it’s your technique, Renato.

Kate: It might be, or maybe I’m sensitive. Or, the patient’s very strong.

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