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Video Transcription:

Carlotta: Clinical spa essentially incorporates spa modalities along with the clinical aspects of medicine. Working side by side with Dr. Saltz has created an opportunity for estheticians and massage therapists to now engage in their work with a clinical foundation.

Thaunar: Over the past few years, we have found the best way to combine patient care is by combining a more holistic approach, the latest technology, and a staff of highly trained professionals. We are dedicated to providing state of the art technology to our patients such as a photofacial laser, which is a noninvasive laser that treats abnormal pigmentation, spider veins, and fine wrinkles.

Dr. Saltz: The medical spa concept is a brand new concept. There are only three or four in North America. They’re still out there to be defined. There’s a new medical spa association that started this year. I think it comes out of the frustration of many of us that want to provide our patients with something better and more effective than just your scrub and go place.

Carlotta: What’s really exciting about Spa Victoria is that we can customize or individualize your treatment based on the surgical procedure you’ve recently had done or your current health status. In addition to all the clinical procedures we offer at Spa Victoria, we also offer a wide range of traditional spa therapies and signature Spa Victoria treatments not found anywhere else. What makes this so unique is that it’s delivered by certified professionals utilizing professional grade products, and all under a physician umbrella.

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