Keep Your Natural Appearance with a Breast Lift

Earlier this year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released statistics showing that breast lifts are more popular than ever. In fact, breast lift procedures are growing in popularity twice the rate of breast implant surgeries.

If you are unsatisfied with your shape or appearance and are considering a breast surgery, a breast lift may be a the option for you. While still a cosmetic procedure, a breast lift improves your appearance while using your natural breast tissue.

Some women may have sufficient breast tissue to undergo a breast lift without breast augmentation. During your consultation with Dr. Saltz, he will be able to determine if you have the required natural breast tissue or will need to supplement with a breast implant.

What conditions can a breast lift correct?

Breast lifts are ideal procedures for women who have lost breast volume but would like to maintain a natural shape. Mothers, including those who breast fed their children, are ideal candidates for this procedure. Significant weight loss and age are also contributing factors to volume loss, making a breast lift an effective solution. But remember, stretched skin and overly sagging breasts will most likely require a breast lift with an implant to create the desired shape and volume.

In addition to replacing lost volume, a breast lift may also be a solution for correcting asymmetrical breasts, possibly without the need for implants.

How long will I need to recover from surgery?

Recovery varies for each patient, but you can expect to be out of work or normal activities for about a week. You’ll also need to avoid lifting heavy objects for as long as six weeks after surgery. You’ll have scars immediately after surgery that will fade over time, continuing the natural-looking effects of the procedure.

How can I learn more?

Learn more about breast lifts here, or call Saltz Plastic Surgery at (801) 274-9500 or (435) 655-6612 to schedule your consultation today.

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