Posts From June, 2014

Look Younger with a Brow Lift

The area around your eyes and forehead is often the first to reveal your true age. As gravity sets in over time and our facial expressions begin to show, deep lines can form along the forehead and your eyebrow area can begin to sag or droop in a way that makes you appear angry or […]

Reduce the Appearance of Spider Veins Easily

Spider veins are common cosmetic concerns among Saltz Plastic Surgery’s patients. Spider veins are identified as small reddish or even purple colored veins that appear toward the surface of the skin. They usually appear in thin, broken-looking patches.  Spider veins can often be found in the legs, around the knees and ankles and can appear […]

ISAPS 5th Annual International Symposium in Moscow

Dr. Renato Saltz, 1st Vice President of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), recently attended the 5th annual International Symposium on Plastic Surgery in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Saltz was one of 30 internationally recognized experts in the field of plastic surgery to speak at the symposium in early May. Dr. Saltz is an […]

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