Look Younger with a Brow Lift

The area around your eyes and forehead is often the first to reveal your true age. As gravity sets in over time and our facial expressions begin to show, deep lines can form along the forehead and your eyebrow area can begin to sag or droop in a way that makes you appear angry or upset.

If you’re tired of not looking as great as you feel and would like to restore some of the vibrancy to your face, consider a cosmetic brow lift today.

Also known as a forehead lift, a brow lift from Saltz Plastic Surgery is a relatively simple procedure that yields dramatic results – taking years off of your appearance.

This procedure has traditionally been done with an incision made across the top of the scalp, beginning above the ears and hidden within the hairline. More recently, endoscopic techniques have been applied to brow lift surgery. These offer the advantage of minimal incision and, in general, fewer complications than the traditional open approach.  Dr. Saltz is one of the pioneers in the development of facial endoscopic techniques in the United States. He has published extensively on this subject and has been using endoscopic techniques for forehead rejuvenation since 1994.

Recovery is relatively minimal for a brow lift. Your face will be bandaged and you may require a drain to remove excess fluid from the affected area. Dr. Saltz will create a recovery plan specific for you, but all patients will be given medication to alleviate pain and remove swelling during recovery. It is common for you to require two full weeks to recover from your brow lift, and time off of work will likely be required.

If you feel self conscious because of the structure of your brows, or would like to get rid of lines on your forehead, then a brow lift can be a great option for you. Contact Saltz Plastic Surgery for your initial consultation today!

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