Plastic Surgery for my Chin

Chin lifts are becoming more and more common as patients age or simply seek a new and improved appearance to their jawline. Chin lifts are common among both male and female patients and are used to balance your facial features by giving your chin a more sculpted look. Chin implant surgery is more commonly sought by male patients to create a stronger jawline and profile.

A chin lift is also commonly used to complement other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts or liposuction. Also known as a mentoplasty, a chin lift can include merely lifting the skin around the skin or can include receiving a reshaping chin implant or shaving bone off of your chin to reduce its overall size.

Chin surgery can dramatically improve the appearance of your face and make you look younger and more vibrant. It is important to discuss your health history and your cosmetic goals with Dr. Saltz prior to undergoing surgery to be sure that your expectations are properly met.

The procedure is relatively quick, taking less than one hour. A small incision will be created along your lower jaw where implants can then be slipped in or additional shaping work performed. You should expect to be in bandages for a week following your surgery and may experience swelling and bruising to the procedure site for as long as two weeks.

Don’t waste any more time wishing you could improve the appearance of your chin or jawline. Contact Saltz Plastic Surgery today for your consultation regarding a chin lift or implant surgery today!

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