Is a Buttocks Lift Right for Me?

A butt lift is a relatively common cosmetic procedure that lifts and tightens the skin on the buttocks. Once excess skin is removed it can be tightened and repositioned to create a smooth and tight appearance. Butt lifts are popular because of the smooth contours they create and the cellulite that they can diminish.

This surgery is most popular among patients who have recently lost a great deal of weight and fight with excess sagging skin on the buttocks. Because a standalone butt lift may flatten the appearance of the buttocks, the procedure is often paired with fat transfer treatment or other augmentation procedures. If you seek the removal of fat in conjunction with your butt lift you should consider liposuction in addition to your lift procedure.

No matter what your cosmetic goals or needs, Dr. Saltz can tailor a butt lift procedure especially for you. Recovery times will vary depending on the treatment plan created. However, you should plan to take 2-3 weeks away from work. Full recovery will not occur for several months.

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