Guidelines for Your Next Spa Visit

At Saltz Spa Vitoria we like to make sure that each of our clients has a remarkable experience when they visit our office. In order to make sure you and your fellow clients have a pleasurable experience we would like to remind you of the following guidelines for spa treatment.

  • Disconnect. Please turn your cell phone off while in our spa. You’ll thank us for it later!
  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your treatment. This will help you relax your mind and body before undergoing therapy.
  • Schedule your next appointment before you leave our spa. This ensures you have first pick of times for your next visit. Plus, who doesn’t love something to look forward to?
  • We hope that you enjoyed your visit. Tipping is always left to your discretion.
  • Please leave your children and pets at home; creating an environment free of distractions is beneficial to you as well as your fellow spa clients.

By keeping these five simple tips in mind you are sure to enjoy your time at our spa and look forward to your next session.

Posted in: Massage Therapy

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