Who Knew? Salt Lake has Second-Most Plastic Surgeons in U.S.

OK, here’s a little interactive element in a blog. Take a guess at the top three metro areas in the United States with the most plastic surgeons per capita.

First, you may say “Beverly Hills.”

Second, how about “New York.”

Third, maybe “San Francisco.”

Uh, wrong. Wronger. And Wrongerer.

In data mined through by the popular plastic surgery website RealSelf.com, Miami, Florida has the most plastic surgeons per capita. Second? Salt Lake City!

What? Third? L.A. Ah, at least some semblance of expectation.

Miami has nearly four (3.90) plastic surgeons for every 100,000 residents. When you think about it that makes sense. Miami has a significant population with fairly high disposable income, plus the sun! The sun beating down on Miamians every day of the year is aging and damaging their skin. And the only way to address that sun damage is through cosmetic procedures.

But Salt Lake City in second place? What? It’s true. RealSelf.com says that Salt Lake has 3.12 plastic surgeons per 100,000 residents. Holy Brigham Young!

Dr. Saltz is quoted in the RealSelf.com story, explaining Salt Lake’s standing.
“Utah is home to a sophisticated, well-educated population concerned about health and appearance,” he explains. “So it’s not surprising that Salt Lake has become a destination for patients who want safe, cutting-edge aesthetic surgery.”

He also said that in Utah women have children at a younger age than any other state in the nation. Consequently, there are women in their late 20s who’ve already had multiple children and want to address the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Other cities on the Top 10 list may surprise you. While California does have three cities in the Top 10 — L.A. at #3, San Jose at #4, and San Francisco at #6 — NYC only comes in at #8. Sleepers on the list are Austin, Texas at #5, Tampa, Florida at #9, and Baltimore, Maryland at #10.

But the sleeper of all? Grand Rapids, Michigan with 2.72 plastic surgeons/100,000 residents. Who knew?


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