Posts From May, 2016

Cellulite, Not John Dillinger, is Enemy #1

  Remember when the FBI proclaimed so and so to be Public Enemy #1? Gangsters were always vying for the honor. But for a woman, choosing Public Enemy #1 would be easy — cellulite! At Saltz Spa Vitoria, we’re with you. But instead of wielding a Tommy Gun, we have a new weapon, Cellfina™, a […]

Tell Your Cellulite You’re Breaking Up with Cellfina™

If you’re a woman, odds are you know, and detest, the dimpling that occurs on your thighs and backside — cellulite. It affects over 90% of women and can be a bane even if you’re incredibly fit. What’s equally frustrating is that there seems to be nothing you can do about it! There have been […]

Give That Unwanted Fat Some Lipo Service

Fat pockets are stubborn. They’re like a donkey, a three-year-old, or your mother-in-law. They don’t listen to reason, and they don’t go away. No matter how much you exercise, no matter how nutritious you make your diet, there they are giving you bulges in all the wrong places. Fat pockets in places like your abdomen […]

Heat Your Way to Better Skin with Thermage®

If you’ve ever been on a sailboat, you’ve watched the sails when they aren’t trimmed appropriately. They will show some wrinkling and a little luffing (where a section of the sail flaps a bit). But a little winching of the mainsail or the jib and suddenly the wrinkles are gone and the sails are taut. […]

Dr. Saltz Speaks about “Vacation Breasts” or Temporary Implants

Implants for 24 hours – Is it possible? Is it ethical? Is it realistic for women to consider breast augmentation after a “test drive”? A recent article on Zalea mentions a new and temporary implant for you to try that can last up to 3 weeks. Here’s what Dr. Saltz has to say: “I am […]

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