Dr. Saltz Speaks about “Vacation Breasts” or Temporary Implants

Implants for 24 hours – Is it possible? Is it ethical?

Is it realistic for women to consider breast augmentation after a “test drive”?

A recent article on Zalea mentions a new and temporary implant for you to try that can last up to 3 weeks. Here’s what Dr. Saltz has to say:
“I am not so sure that “vacation breast” is such a good idea and am concerned with possible risks involved with this temporary procedure. There are other safe alternatives to injecting saline for 24 hours “to test” if one likes larger breasts before committing to a safe surgical procedure.  Implant sizers, measuring bras, computer simulations and other products/techniques have been developed over the years for that purpose. They come without any risk or false impression/expectations.

Time will tell if the possible risks involved in this marketing oriented temporary approach like infection, hematomas, pneumothorax, potential damage to glandular tissue, stretch marks (when repeated often), are more beneficial than traditional safe breast augmentation surgery performed by a qualified board certified plastic surgeon.

I am intrigued by a long term solution currently being investigated by Dr. Rowe. I am looking forward to see clinical studies and science justifying these novel techniques.”

– Dr. Renato Saltz, M.D

You can read the full article here: https://zalea.com/article/412/2015/01/17/implants-you-can-try-first

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