Posts From June, 2016

Zapping the Hair Permanently

Unwanted hair is like that neighbor who keeps borrowing stuff — it just keeps coming back. You shave, pluck, wax, and use napalm-like creams to remove the stuff but then two or three weeks later there it is again. So, why don’t you let the pros at Saltz Spa Vitoria use our Prowave laser to […]

Give Your Chin the Spartacus Treatment

If you’ve recently watched Spartacus or some other Kirk Douglas movie, you may now look at your face in the mirror and feel inferior. But, in reality, who else has a chin like Kirk Douglas? You can…if you come to Dr. Saltz for chin augmentation. Who needs a new chin? Some of us have never […]

Doubles are Good for Gum, Not Your Chin

Everyone loves Doublemint Gum. And doubling down is great at the tables in Vegas. Doubles in baseball usually clear the bases. But under your jawline, double is a dirty word. Now you can do something about your double chin, however, at Saltz Spa Vitoria. Kybella® is a new prescription treatment that works wonders! Long ignored, […]

Sculptra Keeps on Keepin’ On

If you’ve ever given any thought to how your skin ages, and maybe a little research, then you probably know a little something about collagen. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the skin that is responsible for the structure that supports the skin. With lots of collagen, the skin is firm, taut, and has […]

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