Time for Some Integrative Massage Therapy

Just about everyone could use a massage. But wouldn’t it be great if that massage was tailored exactly to what your body needed? At Saltz Spa Vitoria, our integrative massage therapy does just that. It combines a number of different modalities including massage, somatic therapy, and bodywork techniques. Other techniques such as stress management, touch therapy, reflective listening, and movement re-patterning may also be included.

Your involvement is key

The difference is the degree you’re involved in integrative massage. You work closely with our licensed massage therapists to form a strong bond and connection throughout your sessions. What does this do? This connection leads to a release of life energies, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to take over. Our goal is an open, comfortable experience in our integrative massage sessions.

What benefits does integrative massage deliver?

The concept behind integrative massage is that the massage needs to fit the person, not vice versa. Often, massage providers simply have a list of their “stock” massage offerings. Instead, we seek to have the massage fit the person and his or her individual conditions that need to be addressed.

We believe our integrative massage helps our patients to get more out of their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually. It helps people take a healthier, more holistic approach to their bodies.

How many sessions will be involved?

Your first integrative massage session is all about your massage therapist and you discussing your needs and the best possible techniques to help you address them. Together you’ll decide how many sessions you’ll want to schedule. For our therapists to truly get in tune with our patients, we usually recommend an initial number of sessions between four and six. All integrative massage sessions are unstructured.

Interested in going beyond a “stock” massage that may not address in any way what your body actually needs? Call us at Saltz Spa Vitoria in Salt Lake or Park City and ask about our integrative massage program.

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