Posts From October, 2016

A Vitamin Bar a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

OK, that may be just a little wordplay, as no one is going to stop in our Vitamin Bar at Saltz Spa Vitoria every day. But we all know that the body needs various vitamins and minerals to operate at its peak. While we may get most of what we need from our diet, most […]

Leave the Chin to Jobba the Hut

Submental fullness. Now that sounds like a perfect “answer” on Jeopardy! “What is another name for double chin, Alex.” Yep, submental fullness is one of those things we all like to think we don’t have, but most of us have at least some junk under our chins. In the past, nothing short of a neck […]

Don’t Get Jiggly Wid It

Although it’s a little dated, you may have heard the term “Gettin’ jiggy wid it,” as it applied to bustin’ a move on the dance floor or making a move on someone who found attractive. Unfortunately, as we get older you may consider the skin on the underside of your upper arm when hearing the […]

Don’t Peel a Grape, Get a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels don’t sound very romantic. They actually sound so…Dow Chemical. But your skin doesn’t care. Chemical peels are awesome for exfoliating the skin, clearing the pores, improving skin texture, and reducing redness. Here are the peels we offer at Saltz Spa Vitoria, along with a brief description of what each peel seeks to do. […]

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