Don’t Get Jiggly Wid It

Although it’s a little dated, you may have heard the term “Gettin’ jiggy wid it,” as it applied to bustin’ a move on the dance floor or making a move on someone who found attractive.

Unfortunately, as we get older you may consider the skin on the underside of your upper arm when hearing the phrase, subtly modifying it to “Gettin’ jiggLY wid it.” Yes, as we age, weight gain in the upper arms, coupled with the pull of gravity and muscles that aren’t as taut as they formerly were can leave the skin on the underside of your arms loose…and jiggly. Sometimes they may be compared to the Dark Knight and called bat wings. Ouch.

But you don’t have to live with that flapping skin and muscle. Dr. Saltz can give you an arm lift to remove excess fat and skin.

Are you saying I need an arm lift?

Could be. If you’re unsatisfied with the look, shape, or size of your upper arms, you could benefit from an arm lift, clinically known as brachioplasty. Arm lifts are commonly performed to reduce excess skin after dramatic weight loss, but it can also firm up arms that age has made saggy. If you avoid wearing sleeveless fashions due to your flappy upper arms, you should look into having the procedure.

How is an arm lift done?

The procedure begins with incisions made in one of three ways: inner arm, back of arm, or minimal incision.

1.Inner Arm Incision — The incision is made in the inner arm, extending from the middle of the armpit to the elbow.
2.Back of Arm Incision — This incision is made on the entire back part of the upper arm.
3.Minimal Incision — This incision is made on the back part of the arm, under the armpit. The goal with this technique is to disguise the scars as much as possible. It may not provide enough access if more dramatic changes are needed.


Dr. Saltz will put you in compression garments to lightly squeeze the surgery areas. These minimize swelling and help your arm skin adapt to its new slimmer contour. Generally, recovery runs from two to six weeks, depending on the extent of your procedure. You’ll have to avoid any stretching or weight lifting for up to six weeks, however, to allow your reshaped muscle to settle in.

Want to lose those flappy upper arms? Call Dr. Saltz at his Park City or Salt Lake City office and schedule a consultation for an arm lift.

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