Give the Gift of Massage

Since we’re smack dab into the holidays, you may be wondering what gift to give a special friend, client, or partner. At Saltz Spa Vitoria, we offer a variety of massage options to address different body issues. Why not give one of them as a gift?

Here are the massages we perform at Saltz Spa Vitoria, along with the cost for each. Talk about a healthy, relaxing gift!

  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
    This light finger pressure this treatment purges excess fluids and boosts the immune system. Ideal for pre and post-operative periods, detoxification and those who suffer from water retention:
    Full Body $120.00
    Regional $90.00
  • Integrative Massage
    This basic full body relaxing massage is individualized to meet your specific needs:
    50 minutes $80.00
    80 minutes $110.00
  • Raindrop Massage Therapy
    The Raindrop Technique is a gentle yet intense therapeutic massage treatment incorporating a touch of relaxation with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils containing anti-microbial properties:
    50 minutes $120.00
    add a 30 min. massage $35.00
  • Deep Muscle Sports Massage
    This therapeutic massage delves deep into the muscle to relieve spasms, overuse, and extreme tension:
    50 minutes $80.00
    80 minutes $110.00
  • Warm Stone Massage
    Ideal for the patient recovering from injuries and long periods of immobilization: 80 minutes $100.00.
  • Motherhood Massage
    A nurturing and relaxing massage for the mother-to-be: 50 minutes $80.00
  • Reflexology
    A unique foot therapy that uses deep finger pressure on certain points of the foot, stimulating the appropriate regions. This treatment is intended to eliminate energy blockage thought to produce pain in the related areas: 50 minutes $50.00

Don’t trudge through the mall, trying to figure out a gift, stop by Saltz Spa Vitoria in Park City or Salt Lake City and we’ll help you give the gift of massage this season.

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