Posts From February, 2017

Don’t Get a Roomba, Get Liposuction

Vacuums are one of the mankind’s pretty cool inventions. Credit went to British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth back in 1901. If only Booth could see what we’re vacuuming these days, not with a vacuum cleaner, but with a cannula — unwanted fat. Because, while getting rid of dirt on a carpet is nice, getting rid […]

Another Juvéderm® Option — Volbella

Pump up the volume. That credo of the dance floor could be equally true of dermal fillers. Usually, their goal is to replace lost volume due to aging. At Saltz Spa Vitoria, Juvéderm® has long been among our most popular fillers. There were three different Juvéderm® formulations, each addressing a different issue. But this past […]

Leave the Mythology to the Greeks

Mythology has its place as a metaphor for teaching principles or simply entertainment. The lessons of Sisyphus rolling his boulder up the mountain every day, only to have it roll back to the bottom at night, and repeating this every day for eternity as punishment for his cheating death are timeless. But mythology can also […]

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