Don’t Get a Roomba, Get Liposuction

Vacuums are one of the mankind’s pretty cool inventions. Credit went to British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth back in 1901.

If only Booth could see what we’re vacuuming these days, not with a vacuum cleaner, but with a cannula — unwanted fat. Because, while getting rid of dirt on a carpet is nice, getting rid of pockets of fat is nicer!

Dr. Saltz performs tumescent liposuction for his patients at his Park City and Salt Lake City offices.

Who needs liposuction?

Fat is stubborn, not unlike a two-year-old writhing about on the floor of the grocery store because he wasn’t given the candy bar he requested. Pockets of fat, especially in certain areas such as the lower abdomen, are incredibly difficult to directly target and even harder to get rid of. Changes in diet and exercise can have little effect on these pockets.

But liposuction isn’t a weight-loss procedure. It’s a way to get rid of pockets of fat. If these characteristics sound like you, liposuction with Dr. Saltz could be a good option:

  • You are within 15% of your ideal body weight.
  • You have firm skin with good elasticity.
  • You have good muscle tone.
  • You maintain a consistent weight.

How it’s done

Dr. Saltz begins your liposuction by outlining the target areas. In those areas, he first injects a liquid solution that is made of saline, epinephrine, and lidocaine. This liquid accomplishes a few things: it helps constrict the blood vessels to minimize bleeding; it has anesthetic to keep you comfortable, and it makes the fat cells easier to break free and suction away. Next, Dr. Saltz inserts a thin tube, the cannula, into the target area through a small incision. He moves the tube around under the skin to suction out the unwanted fat and the liquid solution.


After your liposuction, the treated areas will be wrapped to help reduce swelling, bruising, and pain. In most cases, compression garments will then need to be worn over the treatment areas for the next three to four weeks. This minimizes swelling, but it also helps the body adapt to its new slimmer contour. For the first week or so, there will be a fair amount of bruising. If you’ve had just one or two areas treated, you’ll probably be able to return to work in just two or three days. If you’ve had a larger or more areas, you may need about a week.

Interested in vacuuming…away the fat? Call either our Park City or Salt Lake City offices and set up a consultation for liposuction with Dr. Saltz.

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