Posts From March, 2017

Doubles are for the Diamond, not your Chin

Since we’re almost to the opening of a new baseball season, the thought of baseballs mashed into the gaps between the outfielders at Fenway Park could be what comes to mind when someone says “double.” But if you thought of your double chin, it may be time to give Saltz Spa Vitoria a call. The […]

Good Grooming Isn’t Just for Ski Slopes

It used to be that men took a certain perverse glee in doing as little as possible to address their appearance. Wrinkles? That’s a sign of seasoning and ruggedness. Hair popping up everywhere? That’s a sign of testosterone, and who doesn’t want lots of that? Rough skin texture? Come on, that’s manly. Today, not so […]

Fat Isn’t Cool. Sculpt it Away

No one is keen on cosmetic surgery. OK, maybe a few celebrities are, but most people not so much. But when it comes to stubborn fat, especially in the abdomen area, liposuction or a tummy tuck are the only ways to get rid of it, right? No, there’s a cooler way, and it doesn’t involve […]

Tightening the Skin with Thermage

Radiofrequency energy was valuable when you were in high school jamming to the latest tunes. Today it’s more valuable for tightening the ever-loosening skin on your face with Thermage. Thermage sometimes referred to as a “facelift without surgery,” delivers radiofrequency energy beneath the surface of the skin to immediately tighten and contour your skin. How […]

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