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Crystals Will Improve Your Skin…Without Shirley MacLaine

When it comes to crystals, Shirley MacLaine and Yanni ruined it. If you utter the word crystal now, people instantly assume someone’s going to start talking about reincarnation and throw on a Yanni CD. Crystals have a better use for Dr. Saltz. At his practice, we use aluminum oxide or sodium chloride crystals to resurface […]

Microneedling | Salt Lake City, UT

Get Fractional for Skin Renewal

So fractions weren’t your favorite part of a school. No biggie. That doesn’t mean getting fractional treatment of your skin at Saltz Spa Vitoria won’t give your skin high marks for a smoother, brighter complexion. Our Pearl Fractional treatment is our most aggressive treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and overall skin texture. What is Pearl […]

Do I Need a Full Tummy Tuck or Just a Mini?

While pregnancy and childbirth are certainly life changing experiences, they are also seriously body changing. Sometimes a young mother can wonder just who took the body she knew from the days before she was pregnant. Where once was a slim and contoured tummy, now there is a pooch and muscles that just don’t seem capable […]

Cellfina™ is the Enemy of Cellulite

Since nine out of 10 women have at least some cellulite, we can say it is universally hated! Even the fittest women can have the signature cottage cheese dimpling that is cellulite. And you’ve been unable to do a whole lot about it — the creams, salves, and procedures that claim to address it don’t […]

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