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Dermaplaning — Why Should Men Get All the Exfoliation?

There are different ways to exfoliate the skin, but few are as effective and simple as dermaplaning with the team at Saltz Spa Vitoria in Salt Lake City and Park City, UT. Dermaplaning manually exfoliates the skin, removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, along with unwanted facial hair. It’s basically what men have […]

A Cosmetic Surgeon is Not Necessarily a Plastic Surgeon

While these times we’re living in are often called the Information Age, you could make an argument that this is the Disinformation Age. From politicians who outright lie over and over to make false claims seem true to websites circulating stories they know are false, sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth from fiction. The […]

Our Chemical Peels

Lots of things seem to get slower as we age. Our hair growth slows. Our metabolism starts to crawl. Our purposeful walk becomes more of a shuffle. Even our skin cells don’t shed themselves with the same frequency as they did when we were young. This buildup makes the skin wrinkled, blotchy and can give […]

Still Effective — the Facelift

Some cosmetic procedures gain favor and then it seems that some people move on to the next “hot” thing. But the trusty facelift is the oldest cosmetic procedure, and it still gets the job done, taking 10 to 15 years off the facial age of the patient. Dr. Saltz has performed countless facelifts in his […]

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