Still Effective — the Facelift

Some cosmetic procedures gain favor and then it seems that some people move on to the next “hot” thing. But the trusty facelift is the oldest cosmetic procedure, and it still gets the job done, taking 10 to 15 years off the facial age of the patient. Dr. Saltz has performed countless facelifts in his tenure as a plastic surgeon.

Areas that facelifts address

First performed in 1901, a facelift, clinically known as a rhytidectomy (of Greek origin meaning wrinkle + excision), rejuvenates the mid-to-lower face and neck. These are the target areas of the procedure.

  • Sagging cheeks
  • Mid-face sagging
  • Deep creases under the eyes
  • Nasolabial folds (laugh lines)
  • Jowls
  • Loose skin and fat under the chin and jaw

Areas that a facelift doesn’t address

Some people have the misperception that a facelift will somehow stop the aging process. Obviously, this isn’t possible, but a facelift with Dr. Saltz turns the clock back a decade or more.

Also, facelifts are targeted to the mid- and lower face. They do not rejuvenate the brows, eyelids, or nose. To address these areas, some patients combine a facelift with a brow lift or eyelid surgery.

Injectable fillers and skin resurfacing procedures can further enhance the effects of a facelift.


A traditional facelift rejuvenates the face, jowls, and neck. For this procedure, Dr. Saltz makes an incision that begins in the hairline at the temples, moves down around the front of the ear, then behind the earlobe, ending in the lower scalp at the hairline. After the skin is lifted, underlying fat is sculpted or removed, muscle and tissue are repositioned, and excess skin is trimmed then redraped.

Other techniques employed by Dr. Saltz are a mid-face lift that mainly targets the cheeks and smile lines and a limited-incision facelift that targets the areas around the mouth and eyes. Both of these techniques involve only small incisions that are easily hidden.

When contemplating how to address the signs of facial aging, don’t forget the tried and true facelift with Dr. Saltz. Call us at either our Park City or Salt Lake offices to schedule a consultation.

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