Summer’s a Good Time to Zap Your Unwanted Hair

Ah, summer in the Mountain West. The living is easy. The temperatures are warm, but not humid. Bugs are minimal. The rivers are running high. And local corn on the cob is plentiful at every Smith’s.

But when you’re poolside, at Seven Peaks, or running a river, who wants unwanted hair poking out everywhere. Sure, you can shave, pluck, wax, or apply harsh creams, but you know the hair will be back again in just a few weeks.

Why not put our Saltz Spa Vitoria lasers to work getting rid of the hair permanently? Laser hair removal continues to grow in popularity. Last year it was the most popular aesthetic procedure in the U.S. So, what are you waiting for, a new self-driving razor?

How does laser hair removal work?

The key to hair growth is the hair follicle. You can shave, pluck, wax, and Nair all you want, but if you leave the follicle alone the hair will eventually grow back. Laser hair removal targets the follicle.

At Saltz Spa Vitoria, we set the laser wavelength to the color of the melanin in your unwanted hair. We also allow for the color of your skin. We then deliver the laser energy in short pulses across the area where you want to remove the hair. The laser energy is delivered as light energy, and the melanin in the hair absorbs the light energy. As the energy travels down the hair shaft it converts to heat. When the heat hits the base of the hair in the follicle, it damages the follicle, either stopping or severely impairing its ability to grow hair.

The phase matters

People wonder why you can’t just zap all of your unwanted hairs at one time. Why does it take multiple sessions to achieve something like an 85% reduction in hair growth? The problem is that the human body has hundreds of thousands of hairs, and each hair operates on its own. To that end, each hair can be in a different phase of the growth cycle.

The growth cycles are anagen (growth), catagen (transitional phase from growth to resting), and telogen (dormant). Lasers can effectively damage the follicle only when a hair is in the anagen phase. In the other two phases, hairs are already on their way to shedding so they are not anchored in the follicle in the same way as when they are in the growth phase.

Only 20 percent of our hair is in the anagen cycle at any time. That’s why it’s difficult to know just how effective an individual laser hair removal session will be. And that’s why it takes multiple sessions to catch more hair in the anagen phase. The number of sessions you’ll need to achieve the hair removal you want can be anywhere from three to 10.

Want to get rid of the hair this summer? Call Saltz Spa Vitoria at our Salt Lake or Park City offices and schedule an appointment.

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