The Fix is In for Your Nose

Having a nose you hate is difficult because every day when you get up and look in the mirror there, it is looking right back at you. Maybe you don’t feel your nose is symmetrical with the rest of your face. Maybe the tip is too bulbous. Maybe there’s a bump on your bridge. Maybe your nostrils are flared.

You don’t have to have a reason other than you wish your nose were different. Rhinoplasty with Dr. Saltz can give you the nose you want.

What is rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery is also known as nose reshaping or more colloquially as a “nose job.” All it involves is taking the underlying cartilage or bone and reshaping it to change the shape of the nose. The surgery may remove a perceived flaw, or it may change the overall size to better fit the other facial features.

What are the reasons I would have rhinoplasty?

Our patients have three reasons for nose surgery


  • Your nose appears too large for your face
  • Your nose seems too wide
  • There is a bump on the bridge
  • The tip of your nose droops
  • The tip may be bulbous
  • Your nostrils are flared
  • Your nose is off-center or crooked
  • Your nose is asymmetrical from a prior injury

Injury — Whether it was a sports injury, a car wreck, or other trauma, the injury may have left your nose disfigured.

Breathing — Whether your nasal restriction is congenital or from an injury, Dr. Saltz can ease your ability to breath through your nose.

Nose surgery methods

Dr. Saltz uses three methods for his rhinoplasty procedures:

  • Open — In open rhinoplasty, the incision is made across the columella (the small strip of skin between the nostrils), and then the skin is lifted off the tip of the nose, allowing the underlying bone and cartilage to be accessed and reshaped as necessary.
  • Closed — This technique is used when reshaping or re-sizing a nose, or when removing a nasal obstruction. All the incisions are made within the nostrils. The soft tissues are separated from the underlying structures, allowing the bone and cartilage to be reshaped. If resizing the nose, the nasal bones will likely be fractured.
  • Natural — This method seeks to use the cartilage and bone that is already there, instead of shaping and rearranging it. The goal is to avoid instances where the nose ends up looking too small or pinched at the tip over time.

Want to like the nose you see every morning? Call Dr. Saltz at his Park City or Salt Lake City offices and book a consultation for nose surgery.

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