Bringing Back Up Your Backside

  • Posted on: Nov 4 2017
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It’s easy to see the sagging from aging on our faces, necks, breasts, and even our stomach area. It’s not so easy to see our derriere. But it’s sagging just like everything else, unfortunately. In addition to sagging, our bottoms tend to flatten with age. Neither of those characteristics would be high on the list of desirable attributes for our bottom.

Dr. Saltz can take out the sag and bring your bottom back up with a butt lift.

What is a butt lift?

Dr. Saltz customizes every butt lift to the patient. Unlike facial anatomy, where there can be similarities in aging across patients, our bottoms are unique. Often if a patient has lost weight, they feel their bottom has lost shape with the lost weight. Other patients have never been pleased with the appearance of their backside.

Types of butt lifts

Don’t confuse a butt lift surgery with a Brazilian butt lift. Brazilian butt lifts are all the rage these days, but they are a fat transfer. Dr. Saltz still performs surgical butt lifts and can enhance them with fat transfer. He believes surgical butt lifts deliver results that are more predictable and enduring. His butt lifts can combine body contouring, liposuction, and fat transfer.

In the surgical butt lift, Dr. Saltz makes an incision across the contours of the top of the buttocks. He then uses this incision to access the underlying tissue, removing or repositioning any excess for a more round, attractive appearance. The goal is to elevate the buttocks and eliminate any lower sagging. He will likely tighten underlying muscles and create sutures deep within the tissue to hold your buttocks in their lifted position.

In a fat transfer, Dr. Saltz removes unwanted fat from an area such as the upper thighs or abdomen through liposuction. This is a secondary benefit of this type of lift/augmentation. The fat is then purified in a closed sterile system with a centrifuge. The purified fat is then transferred into a series of small syringes. Dr. Saltz then re-injects the fat back into dozens of spots on the buttocks. Special attention is paid to the upper buttocks, where the most flattening has occurred.

Rather than simply perform a fat transfer, Dr. Saltz prefers to combine it with some surgical repositioning of muscle and tissue for the best results.


Recovery varies for each patient, but most patients need to take at least one week off work. You’ll wear compression pants for at least two to three weeks to minimize swelling and help your body adjust to the changes. You’ll need to avoid sitting for the first two weeks. This can be hard but is important to help the area heal. Any squatting, stretching, or strenuous exercise, however, is strictly out of bounds for at least six weeks.

Tired of your ever-flattening backside? Call Dr. Saltz at his Park City or Salt Lake City office and schedule a consultation for a butt lift.

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