The Gift of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Salt Lake, UTAt Spa Vitoria, CoolSculpting is one of our most popular procedures. And why not? You can lose up to 20 percent of the fat in the treatment area with nary a stitch and not a minute of downtime. What’s not to love?

Even though most people have heard of this procedure, there is still some mystery surrounding how this kind of fat reduction is possible. Here’s some background on the science behind the procedure and how CoolSculpting® came to be.

Popsicles and kids

As with many inventions, CoolSculpting® was an accidental discovery. Two Harvard scientists were studying the effect that eating many popsicles had on the formation of dimples in children. The two doctors at the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Drs. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson were doing a study that theorized children who ate lots of popsicles growing up developed dimples in their cheeks more than children who didn’t eat lots of popsicles. Dimples form in the cheeks where the muscle isn’t covered with much fat, so when the muscle contracts a dimple forms. The idea was that the cold in the popsicles somehow affected the fat cells in the cheeks. The doctors called this Popsicle Panniculitis.

Based on what they thought could be happening in the cheeks, the two doctors further theorized that the same process/result could happen elsewhere. So, they investigated selectively freezing fat cells in a process they called cryolipolysis. The result of those studies was CoolSculpting®.

How it works

There are three steps involved in a CoolSculpting® treatment. First, a cooling panel uses suction to pull the target area skin into solid contact with the cooling plates. Then the cooling is directed downward into the skin. The temperature is precisely equal to the freezing point of fat cells, while not freezing adjacent tissue cells that freeze at a higher temperature. Exposure to this freezing causes fat cell apoptosis (a natural, controlled cell death). The body sends cytokines and other inflammatory mediators to the area to gradually digest the dead fat cells in the weeks following the CoolSculpting session. Lipids from the dead fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system to be processed and eliminated from the body, in the same manner, that fat in food is eliminated. It takes anywhere from three to 12 weeks for the body to permanently remove the dead fat cells.

The result? A 20 to 23% decrease in fat cells in the treatment area over the months following your CoolSculpting® session at Spa Vitoria.

Non-invasive and not painful

The entire CoolSculpting® procedure is not painful, and there isn’t any need for topical numbing creams. There is some minor discomfort when the cooling is first being delivered, but that passes as the area becomes numb with the cooling. And there isn’t any downtime. Now, that’s pretty cool!

Interested in chilling out some fat cells at Spa Vitoria? Winter’s a great time to do it when the temperatures are already chilly outside! Call either our Park City or Salt Lake City offices to make an appointment, or with any questions, you may have.

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