Integrative Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy Salt Lake City, UTEvery massage isn’t the same. At Spa Vitoria, we combine different modalities into our integrative massage therapy to expand the benefits for the patient.

What is integrative massage therapy?

This therapy combines different aspects of massage into a more integrated session. We include traditional massage techniques, somatic therapy, and bodywork into your session. If applicable to the patient, we may also incorporate stress management, touch therapy, reflective listening, movement re-patterning, and energy work into your integrative massage session.

You are fully involved

The goal here is a two-way street between our licensed massage therapists and you, the customer. Rather than simply wanting to know if you’re feeling tight in an area or you strained this or that muscle skiing, we seek to use touch to create a strong bond and connection throughout your integrative massage sessions.

This bond will enable our therapists to release pent-up life energies, allowing the body’s natural healing powers to take over.

Created to fit you

This approach is different than most massage offerings that focus solely on deep tissue or a specific area of the body, etc. At Spa Vitoria, our integrative massage sessions are always different, evolving to match the individual needs and conditions of the customer. Because we incorporate multiple techniques in these sessions, matching areas the customer has detailed before we begin, these problems can be targeted and addressed directly. This leads to a broader perspective for the session and, we believe, better overall wellness.

Our Spa Vitoria integrative massage therapy sessions allow our customers to achieve a healthier, more holistic approach to their bodies. This combines physical, mental, and spiritual components.

How often should I have an integrative massage?

Unlike a “blank” massage for “x” minutes, our integrative massage sessions are unstructured. From the outset, this is designed as a series. During your first session, you’ll meet with your massage therapist and discuss your needs and the best techniques that should be included to target them. At that point, the two of you will decide on the number of integrative massage sessions that will match your needs. Once your therapist begins to learn more about your body and its unique problem areas, we can adjust both the techniques and the number of sessions to your needs and overall goals.

Interested in more than a typical massage? Call the team at Spa Vitoria at our Salt Lake City office (801) 274-9500 or our Park City office (435) 655-6612 to book your initial integrative massage therapy session.

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