Winter Is a Great Time for a Facelift

  • Posted on: Nov 30 2018
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Facelift Salt Lake City, UTIn Utah, we’re blessed with some of the best weather anywhere — usually not too hot, and usually not too cold. There are few bugs. Couple all of this with our beautiful surroundings, and we all want to be outside as much as possible.

However, if you’re not happy with the effects that aging and sun damage are showing on your face, winter is a good time to take a decade or more off your facial age with a facelift from Dr. Saltz.

Would I be a good candidate for a facelift with Dr. Saltz?

The combination of declining collagen production as we age, naturally slackening support tissues, and damage from the sun and other factors can leave our faces tired and saggy. Deep creases and sunken cheeks have made their unwelcome appearance.

If you have any of these issues going on with your face, a facelift could be a good procedure for you:

  • A deep line, or fold, running from the corner of your nose down to the corner of your mouth. Clinically, this is called a nasolabial fold.
  • Jowls and loss of definition around your chin
  • Deep wrinkles in the cheeks and sagging of the “highlight” areas of the cheekbones, eyes, lips, and foreheads and brows
  • Loose skin, wrinkles, vertical “cords,” or excess fatty tissue in the neck

The Modern Facelift

Whereas older methods for performing facelifts could be somewhat limited in scope, Dr. Saltz performs the Modern Facelift to provide an all-encompassing cosmetic treatment that addresses the aging face, neck, eyelids, and forehead. Dr. Saltz’s Modern Facelift is a combination of several procedures that tighten the sagging skin and, where appropriate, correct and reposition deeper structures.

Our Modern Facelifts include treatment of the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS). This procedure corrects the expressions and movement of your face, specifically the up and down muscles that allow you to frown and smile. In lieu of deep sutures, Dr. Saltz utilizes fibrin glue to seal the deeper layers prior to closing the incisions. This helps to minimize bruising and subsequent swelling, and it expedites healing.


Unless you live for skiing, winter is a good time for a Modern Facelift with Dr. Saltz. This will allow the necessary time for healing during the winter months. While most swelling with this procedure passes within two to three weeks, you can have residual swelling that comes and goes for a few months. But, if you give yourself the winter for full recovery, you’ll look a decade or more younger come late spring and summer of next year.

If you’re interested in our various options for a facelift, including the Modern Facelift, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Saltz at either our Salt Lake City or Park City offices. Call us to schedule your appointment, (801) 274-9500 or (435) 655-6612.

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