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  • Posted on: Jan 30 2021
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In this month’s first blog, we raved about our new Sciton Broadband Light HERO platform and how it stands apart from other systems on the market. Because it offers the broadest range of wavelengths, we can personalize five different treatments for different issues, and that makes for great versatility for our patients, along with streamlined treatment times and ultimate cooling comfort.

In January’s second blog, let’s get into the treatments we can do with our new HERO.

Broadband Light — Broadband light is the perfect treatment option for patients concerned with pigmentation issues or rosacea. Melanin in these areas absorbs the light energy, which breaks down the melanin, causing the age spots to peel away and broken blood vessels to close off and disappear.

  • Pigmented lesions such as dyschromia and ephelides
  • Vascular lesions such as rosacea, telangiectasia, and cherry angiomas
  • Deeper lesions on darker skin types.

Forever Young BBL — Our most popular treatment! Stop the clock on the appearance of aging skin. This is not just a beauty treatment, it’s a preventive regimen – possibly the best investment anyone can make on his or her skin. It is clinically proven not only to correct sun damage but also to prevent the signs of aging skin. This non-invasive treatment delivers BBL to the epidermis and dermis, stimulating changes in skin tone, texture, elasticity, and pigmentation in just one treatment without any downtime. The Spa Vitoria four-step protocol is one of a kind in the industry. The four steps include:

Step 1: Clear and Smooth

Step 2: Corrective on pigmented lesions and vascular

Step 3: Nice and tight
Step 4: Infrared skin tightening

Forever Clear BBL — This treatment destroys acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and redness, and makes way for clear, healthy skin for both adult and teenage acne. By using different filters, we can offer a three-step acne treatment not available on other IPL platforms:

  • Step 1: Blue light attacks the acne bacteria.
  • Step 2: Yellow light reduces active inflammatory acne while preventing new breakouts.
  • Step 3: Infrared light delivered in rapid, gentle pulses initiates the body’s natural healing process, enhancing the benefits from the blue and yellow light applications above.

Forever Bare BBL — Our patients love the speed of the HERO’s laser hair removal capabilities. It features a large spot size, evenly heating hair follicles across the treatment area, minimizing missed spots that are typical with lesser systems. The sapphire plate on the Forever Bare BBL handpiece also provides continuous cooling, making these very comfortable laser hair removal treatments.

SkinTyte — In this treatment, the HERO uses infrared light to deeply heat the dermis, triggering new collagen production and tightening the skin. While the BBL penetrates the epidermis, the sapphire contact cooling ensures the patient’s outer skin is protected and comfortable. With SkinTyte there is no downtime and no need for topical anesthetic. All you have to lose is that sagging skin. This is a great add-on to any of our services!

You’ll love our new Sciton Broadband Light HERO™ at Saltz Plastic Surgery/Spa Vitoria. Call us at our Salt Lake City office, (801) 274-9500, or our Park City office, (435) 655-6612, to make an appointment.

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