CoolSculpting — What It Is and Is Not

  • Posted on: May 30 2021
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CoolSculpting has been getting a lot of press in the past year as people trapped indoors during the pandemic have been sizing up their bodies and not liking those bulges they see here or there. CoolSculpting seems almost too good to be true — a way to get rid of fat permanently, without any surgery. 

Dr. Saltz is a big fan of CoolSculpting. That’s why we added CoolMini for smaller areas such as the jowls. But at the same time Dr. Saltz wants people to know what CoolSculpting can and cannot do. 

CoolSculpting: how it works 

During your CoolSculpting procedure at Spa Vitoria in our Salt Lake or Park City offices, a proprietary coupling gel is applied to areas on your skin where fat deposits are collected. Once the gel is applied, a vacuum is initiated through two cooling panels to suction the fat deposit in the area. For 30 to 60 minutes, the panels are held there to do the cooling. The result is a cold-induced inflammatory response that ultimately leads to the death of fat cells in the treatment site. After a few days or weeks, these dead fat cells are absorbed by the body as it heals, resulting in a 20% fat reduction in the treated area. These fat cells are permanently removed, similar to what happens with liposuction, but without the surgery. 

CoolSculpting: what it’s not 

There is a temptation to think that CoolSculpting would be the ultimate solution to obesity. Shouldn’t every obese person be lining up at an aesthetic practice and having their fat magically frozen away? No. CoolSculpting is NOT a weight loss program, it is a body contouring procedure. The process removes around 20 percent of the fat in the target areas. Patients need to be within 10 percent of their ideal body weight for CoolSculpting to be effective. 

At Saltz Plastic Surgery we have a couple other factors that make our CoolSculpting even better. We have Dualsculpting, allowing our patients to address twice the fat in half the time. And, as mentioned above, we have CoolMini for smaller areas. 

CoolSculpting at Spa Vitoria can make a more contoured you. Call our Salt Lake office, (801) 274-9500, or our Park City office, (435) 655-6612, to schedule your session.

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