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Microdermabrasion Salt Lake City, UT

Your Skin Loves Microdermabrasion

New Age mumbo-jumbo kind of ruined the word “crystals” for every other use. But at Saltz Plastic Surgery we love crystals for what they can do for your facial skin. We use aluminum oxide or sodium chloride crystals for a superficial exfoliation in a procedure known as microdermabrasion. It’s a great way to remove old, […]

  • Posted on: Mar 15 2018
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Heat Your Way to Better Skin with Thermage®

With all the streaming music options out there these days, you wonder if a regular broadcast radio has a future. If it doesn’t, at least the radio waves do. They can be used to tighten your skin. Wholly Casey Kasem! It’s true. At Saltz, we offer Thermage, which uses radiofrequency energy delivered beneath the epidermis […]

Crystals Will Improve Your Skin…Without Shirley MacLaine

When it comes to crystals, Shirley MacLaine and Yanni ruined it. If you utter the word crystal now, people instantly assume someone’s going to start talking about reincarnation and throw on a Yanni CD. Crystals have a better use for Dr. Saltz. At his practice, we use aluminum oxide or sodium chloride crystals to resurface […]

Good Grooming Isn’t Just for Ski Slopes

It used to be that men took a certain perverse glee in doing as little as possible to address their appearance. Wrinkles? That’s a sign of seasoning and ruggedness. Hair popping up everywhere? That’s a sign of testosterone, and who doesn’t want lots of that? Rough skin texture? Come on, that’s manly. Today, not so […]

Giving Your Skin the Laser Treatment

At Saltz Plastic Surgery we use lasers for skin resurfacing in two different ways, ablative and non-ablative. You may have heard different terms for these procedures: laser peels, laser skin resurfacing, laser vaporization, or laserbrasion. These treatments can address a variety of skin issues, from blemishes to sun spots to enlarged pores. What are the […]

Leave the Chin to Jobba the Hut

Submental fullness. Now that sounds like a perfect “answer” on Jeopardy! “What is another name for double chin, Alex.” Yep, submental fullness is one of those things we all like to think we don’t have, but most of us have at least some junk under our chins. In the past, nothing short of a neck […]

Lip Augmentation with Fillers

When a person has thin, undefined lips he or she can seek to have their lips augmented to make them more, say, Angelina Jolie-esque. Over the years, lip augmentation has used collagen and fat injections, even silicone lip implants. But with the increasing availability of dermal fillers, Dr. Saltz almost exclusively uses them now to […]

Sculptra Keeps on Keepin’ On

If you’ve ever given any thought to how your skin ages, and maybe a little research, then you probably know a little something about collagen. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the skin that is responsible for the structure that supports the skin. With lots of collagen, the skin is firm, taut, and has […]

Get Intense with Our Pulsed Light

If you’re old enough, when you see the term pulsed light it takes you back to the disco days of Donna Summer, the SOS Band, KC & the Sunshine Band, and the like. But, please turn off the mirror ball and pay attention — Dr. Saltz wants you to know about pulsed light, intense pulsed […]

Sci-Fi Your Way to Better Skin

Lasers are the stuff of science fiction legend. If they aren’t shooting marauding aliens they’re taking down stormtroopers in the latest Star Wars offering. But at Saltz Plastic Surgery we utilize this sci-fi staple to zap different enemies: age spots, acne scars, even warts! The procedure is called a laser peel. Laser peels are very […]

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