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Leave the Doubles to the Park City Movie Studio

When you walk around the Park City film studios trying to get a glimpse of the shooting of the new series titled “Yellowstone” you’re likely to see some doubles. You know, the actors who stand in for the more famous actor when they are setting the lighting, blocking a scene, or performing some dangerous stunt. […]

  • Posted on: Apr 30 2018
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Doubles are for the Diamond, not your Chin

Since we’re almost to the opening of a new baseball season, the thought of baseballs mashed into the gaps between the outfielders at Fenway Park could be what comes to mind when someone says “double.” But if you thought of your double chin, it may be time to give Saltz Spa Vitoria a call. The […]

Doubles are Good for Gum, Not Your Chin

Everyone loves Doublemint Gum. And doubling down is great at the tables in Vegas. Doubles in baseball usually clear the bases. But under your jawline, double is a dirty word. Now you can do something about your double chin, however, at Saltz Spa Vitoria. Kybella® is a new prescription treatment that works wonders! Long ignored, […]

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