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Looking Older Than You Feel? We Have Options

Your face is often the first area of the body to show signs of aging. From sagging eyelids to wrinkles between the eyes or around the mouth – there may be many cosmetic imperfections that you would like to repair. Luckily, Dr. Saltz is experienced at safely and beautifully reversing the signs of aging on the face.

A facelift is one of our more popular surgical procedures and is ideal for those patients over the age of 50. During this surgery a small incision will be made inside the hairline, typically near the ears.  Your skin will be pulled tight and sutured in place – eliminating the appearance of wrinkles. A facelift is perhaps the most dramatic surgical solution for wrinkles and sagging skin.

If you are not ready for a full facelift, but are starting to see deep lines on your forehead – it may be time to consider a forehead lift. This procedure will also lift your eyebrows and give your eyes a generally younger look. This surgery is performed similar to a facelift, but the incision is typically place within the hairline above the forehead.

If you’re ready to make a dramatic difference in your appearance with a facelift or forehead lift – contact Dr. Saltz for more information today.

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