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Schedule a TouchMD Consultation Today

Dr. Renato Saltz is proud to offer TouchMD consultations for his plastic surgery patients. TouchMD is a revolutionary consult software program that allows you to see exactly what is involved during your procedure as well as potential results from surgery – all electronically during you consultation.

With the TouchMD system, Dr. Saltz is able to capture a complete picture of your needs as a patients. He is able to upload your photos and directly communicate with you online regarding your upcoming treatments, cosmetic goals and potential outcomes.

Through use of the TouchMD system Dr. Saltz is able to show you before and after images that may be similar to your body shape and size. You can also watch informative videos and look through an image library to get inspiration for your anticipated procedure. You can even log in and look at these images at home and show them to your spouse or partner for feedback.

Contact us today to discuss your treatment options and schedule your TouchMD consultation.

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