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Things to Think About Before Plastic Surgery

No matter your age or health history there are certain things that you should take into account before deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery.

1. Set realistic expectations. If you’re ready for cosmetic surgery you are likely very sure of the results you would like to see. Perhaps you even have a celebrity in mind that you would like to resemble? It is important to discuss with a surgeon the reality of your appearance and level of cosmetic correction sought before deciding to move forward with surgery. There may be factors that limit your ability to achieve the exact look you seek, while dramatic results are still possible.

2. Choose a surgeon you can trust. It is important that you feel confident about your surgeon’s abilities and comfortable with the treatment plan created for you. Ask lots of questions about your surgeon’s specialty, training and certifications.

3. Learn about the procedure you seek. Research the results and potential risks to any procedure you are considering and ask your doctor lots of questions.

4. Stay as healthy as possible. Cosmetic surgery works best for those patients that are healthy. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly leading up to your surgery. You should also limit your alcohol intake and quit smoking.

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  1. Vartan
    Vartan says:

    Pre and post surgery lifestyle is important to think about. Plastic surgery can help, but if you alter your lifestyle for the better you can see your results last longer.


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