Women's Buttocks - Brazilian Butt Lift

Bigger Buttocks? Big Business! Read Dr. Saltz Comments

Saltz-ZaleaDr. Saltz is the editorial voice on this recent Zalea article

As a Brazilian born and American trained Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, it never ceases to amaze me how often Brazil is in the news for very compelling reasons like soccer, Giselle and buttocks!   Once again, fat grafting has become a major topic in Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery. This technique has been used for decades but took a new leap recently with stem cell research and the many new possibilities in aesthetic & reconstructive surgery.   Obviously, applications in buttock augmentation have received immediate patient and media attention; this technique does replace buttock implants successfully that as foreign bodies can cause discomfort, foreign body reaction and long term complications including extrusion. Cosmetic facial applications of fat grafting have been very successful sometimes replacing soft tissue fillers. The article below summarizes well this new paradigm shift and provides good, reliable information to the reader.

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