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Cosmetic Brow Enhancements – The Treatments

Dr. Saltz comments on a recent Zalea article

The eyebrow position, shape, texture, symmetry and its relationship with the upper eyelids are all critical in facial appearance and aging. As the article describes, “brow fashion’ changes almost every decade.  Many techniques and products have been developed since basic artistic brow drawings impacted facial expressions of the silent black and white movies. Artists like Max Factor built an empire after mastering the art of altering facial expressions using make up. Modern and sophisticated make-up can temporarily mimic many of the described products and medications described in the article.   Aesthetic surgeons deal with a different issue when it comes to the brows – mostly related to shape, position and symmetry.  Forehead rejuvenation or Browlift is a very popular procedure today where by using endoscopic minimally invasive procedures one can restore brow symmetry, soften forehead lines and elevate the brows back where they once belonged. The shape and ultimate position of the brows can be altered by using different surgical technique and fixation methods.  The combination of brow elevation, correction of brow asymmetry and medications, treatments & tricks to make them fuller and more attractive, will continue to be on the top list of the modern woman regardless of her age and time

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