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Microblading Salt Lake City, UTIf you aren’t happy with your thin, lifeless eyebrows, or if years of plucking have left them stunted and sparse, you need to check into microblading at Saltz Plastic Surgery/Saltz Spa Vitoria. Microblading provides a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing that fills in sparse eyebrows with natural hair-like strokes that look just like your natural eyebrows.

What Is Microblading?

In microblading, our technicians use a handheld pen-like tool to implant pigment into the upper layers of the skin, an artistic approach that creates natural-looking strokes that either fill in or fully replace thinning or non-existent eyebrows.

Candidates for Microblading

Generally anyone who doesn’t love the look of their eyebrows is a great candidate for microblading at Saltz Spa Vitoria. Maybe you have naturally thin eyebrows. Maybe you’ve plucked them too much and the hair eventually stopped coming back. Maybe your eyebrows have naturally thinned with age.

There’s no right or wrong patient for these procedures. If you’d like thicker, more beautiful eyebrows, microblading is a good treatment.

The only people who cannot have microblading are those with any sort of eye or eyelid infection.

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How Is Microblading Performed?

Microblading Salt Lake City, UTThe first step is to draw in the eyebrows you seek. This is a process of give and take with you, based completely on how you want your eyebrows to look. We also work through various color options. Once we draw your potential brows, we give you some time to examine them. We don’t move on to applying the pigment until you are completely happy with the shape. If you want some adjustments, we make those.

Once we’ve settled on the shape and color you seek, we apply topical anesthetic. This is very effective so that you don’t feel much of anything during the procedure.

The tool we use for our microblading at Saltz Spa Vitoria looks similar to an Xacto knife, but the end has a series of microneedles. The microblade tool is dipped into the color solution and is then used to make a fine cut, or microstroke, into the skin. These strokes resemble your natural hair. As this is done, the pigment is implanted beneath the skin. This is known as micropigmentation.

How Long Does a Microblading Session Take?

Your first visit will take around 2-3 hours. At the beginning of the session you will work with our esthetician to establish the shape and style that you would like to see in your eyebrows. Once the two of you have decided on the shape and style, you will look at multiple pigment color options. You’ll use these to match your hair color, skin tone, and your personal preference. Then we proceed with your microblading.

At the completion of your first session, we’ll schedule a second session for six weeks later. This will involve a second application to ensure the longest duration of your new eyebrows.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From My Microblading Treatment?Microblading Salt Lake City, UT

Our Saltz Spa Vitoria microblading patients are thrilled with their results. Their eyebrows not only look natural, but they no longer require daily filling in with an eyebrow pencil. Microblading typically lasts from one to three years, varying based on factors such as skin type, sun exposure, and others. We recommend a touch-up appointment at 12-18 months to keep your color vibrant and the microblade strokes looking sharp and defined.

Are Microblading Results Permanent?

Microblading is semi-permanent. The pigment is placed under your skin, but it is not placed at the same depth as a tattoo. This means it will fade over time as the body sheds skin cells. The application usually will last up to a year and a half, but it can be extended with touch-up sessions down the road.

Microblading Recovery

Your eyebrow area will be red, slightly swollen, and sore to the touch initially. You’ll need to avoid swimming, tanning, prolonged sun exposure, and excessive sweating for two weeks. Initially, your eyebrow color will appear darker than the color you selected. This is because it takes approximately four weeks for the color to completely settle in. At that point, it will be the color you selected, and your new eyebrows will be full and attractive.

Does Microblading Hurt?

We apply topical numbing anesthetic, so your procedure is not painful.

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