Elizabeth Perkins

It was depressing to have wrinkles and sagging skin that made me look perpetually angry or sad. Thanks to genetics and taking steroids for rheumatoid arthritis, my skin had lost its elasticity and I looked much older than my 57 years. After consulting with three cosmetic surgeons, I chose Dr. Saltz to do a complete facial ‘makeover’ of the permanent kind. He inspired confidence, not only with his credentials, but his gentle, caring attitude. So in 1996, I had the works: a facelift, upper and lower eyelids, a brow lift, and laser resurfacing around my mouth area. During the recovery period, Dr. Saltz patiently listened to my fears and complaints and reassured me that everything was going to be okay. He was right. Today I look so much better! And no matter what else isn’t going right in my life, there is one thing that makes me feel good whenever I think about it, and that is my more youthful, more rested, and happier-looking face!

Elizabeth Perkins | Salt Lake City, UT

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