“I Don’t Call Him Dr. Michaelangelo for Nothing: I Am So Happy with the Results Now 9 Months After Surgery”

I felt I was treated very well from my first investigative appointment, through surgery and with follow up. Dr. Saltz explained the process very thoroughly so I was prepared mentally as to what too expect. I never felt hurried when talking to him and actually felt he spent more time than necessary when he was with me, which I really appreciate.

Gale in Utah (RealSelf.com) | Salt Lake City, UT | February 2012

Have always dream of having a great figured…DR Saltz made my dream come true…The best doctor in utah and i love his staff…

1818jessie (RealSelf.com) | Salt Lake City, UT | February 2012

“Amazing Work: He is Kind and Conscientious and I Highly Recommend Him”

He is extremely kind and was always there to answer questions. As I was interviewing different plastic surgeons, Dr. Saltz seemed the most up to date on his practices.

pcmom (RealSelf.com) | Salt Lake City, UT | February 2012

We’ve had a long/good DR-patient relationship

juanfitz (RealSelf.com) | Salt Lake City, UT | February 2012

I went to Dr. Saltz based on a recommendation from a friend. He and his staff were so professional and because of his credentials and referrals I chose to have him do my facelift. I look so refreshed and love my results!

Wt (RealSelf.com) | Salt Lake City, UT – January 2012

I’d been looking for the right Board Certified plastic surgeon for quite awhile and wasn’t impressed with breast surgery results I’d seen from other physicians. A girlfriend mentioned how happy she had been with Dr. Saltz and after meeting him, his staff, and seeing the results of surgeries he’d done for others I decided that he would be the best surgeon for my lift and augmentation.

bmiller (RealSelf.com) | Salt Lake City, UT – October 2011

Dear Dr. Saltz,

Thank you. I am grateful to be one of many whose lives have been enriched through the work of your gifted hands. I could not be happier with my outcome.

My search for an experienced board certified plastic surgeon was extensive and my expectation was to find a doctor with whom I trusted and felt comfortable. What I have found with Saltz Plastic Surgery & Spa Vitoria exceeded my expectation. Your beautiful office is comforting, your team is wonderful, and you are exceptional.

Intelligence, Integrity & Energy are qualities of success. You and your team exemplify all three.

Tara is great. I interrupted her lunch more than once with questions and she graciously accommodated.

Thanks again and I’ll be seeing you around.


I came to Saltz Plastic Surgery to find out about a breast lift. Not only did I have my breasts lifted, but I had a tummy tuck as well. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am with my new body! My breasts are back up where they belong and my stomach looks like it did when I was in high school. I am so happy with the results – so glad I went through with the surgery. It was a bit unnerving deciding to really do it, but I had been so unhappy with the sagging – that it just needed to be done. The first week after the surgery was a bit uncomfortable, but by the second week things were feeling better. This was such a great decision!!!

Alicia | Salt Lake City, UT

Following my mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation I was told that I was not a candidate for reconstruction because it would, on top of the extensive radiation, disguise a recurrence. I was very upset because I had a concave area where my breast used to be; I felt deformed. I persisted and was referred to Dr. Saltz, he did my breast reconstruction in March 1997. My experience with Dr. Saltz is the best thing that ever happened to me.

June Tolman | Orem, UT

It was depressing to have wrinkles and sagging skin that made me look perpetually angry or sad. Thanks to genetics and taking steroids for rheumatoid arthritis, my skin had lost its elasticity and I looked much older than my 57 years. After consulting with three cosmetic surgeons, I chose Dr. Saltz to do a complete facial ‘makeover’ of the permanent kind. He inspired confidence, not only with his credentials, but his gentle, caring attitude. So in 1996, I had the works: a facelift, upper and lower eyelids, a brow lift, and laser resurfacing around my mouth area. During the recovery period, Dr. Saltz patiently listened to my fears and complaints and reassured me that everything was going to be okay. He was right. Today I look so much better! And no matter what else isn’t going right in my life, there is one thing that makes me feel good whenever I think about it, and that is my more youthful, more rested, and happier-looking face!

Elizabeth Perkins | Salt Lake City, UT

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