What is a facelift?

Everyone is living longer these days, but our skin, particularly on our faces, didn’t get the memo. The signs of aging and sun damage — wrinkles, creases, and sagging skin — are especially evident on the face. A facelift, formally known as rhytidectomy, removes the loose skin on your face and neck, tightens underlying tissues, and removes excess fat. The result is a younger, firmer-looking face that belies your actual age. A facelift with Dr. Saltz allows you to look as good as you feel! Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

Just about everyone in reality could be a candidate for a facelift. Especially living in the dry, high altitude of Salt Lake City or Park City, Utah, our faces take a beating from the sun, the hot and cold temperatures, and the low humidity. And that’s not even addressing lifestyle issues such as stress that also age our skin.

You are a good candidate for a facelift if you have any of the following:

  • A deep line, or fold, running from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth
  • Jowls, or loss of a well-defined jawline
  • Deep wrinkles in the cheeks and sagging of the “highlight” areas of the cheekbones, eyes, lips, and forehead and brow
  • Loose skin, wrinkles, vertical “cords,” or excess fatty tissue in the neck.

Facial plastic surgery procedures available in Salt Lake City or Park City, UT

While getting a facelift is something that you desire, doing a little bit of research beforehand is always a good idea. With different faces and different expectations, there are a few different options and techniques available to achieve your goals.

Modern Facelift — This all-encompassing cosmetic treatment addresses the aging neck, face, eyelids, and forehead. It includes several procedures that tighten the sagging skin and, depending on the need, correct deeper structures. The incisions begin under the chin for treatment of the neck, continue around the ears, and end at the temple area along the side burn. The tissues are repositioned and the muscles tightened and lifted. The skin is then pulled back over the muscles and excess skin is trimmed away, tightening the neck and facial skin.

The Modern Facelift includes the treatment of the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS). This procedure corrects the expressions and movement of your face, or the up and down muscles, that allow you to frown and smile. Dr. Saltz utilizes fibrin glue to seal the deeper layers prior to closure helping to minimize bruising and swelling and expedite healing. Because we use skin glues instead of skin sutures, this allows our patients to cover their new scars with make-up in the very first days after surgery.

Forehead or Brow Lifts — These are procedures performed using endoscopic surgery with 3-4 very small scars behind the hairline. A brow lift specifically targets forehead wrinkles and sagging skin above the eyebrows.

Neck Lift — A neck lift incision begins at the front and extends around and behind the ear, ending below the scalp. The skin is lifted to correct sagging, jowls, or fat accumulation in the neck.

Non-Surgical Facelifts — Non-surgical facelifts can achieve many of the same results as a surgical facelift, but only on a temporary basis, usually up to nine months. Thermage for skin tightening can be combined with injectable fillers and Botox, along with various additional facial skin treatments offered at Saltz Plastic Surgery & Spa Vitoria.

Facelift recovery

After your surgery, your incisions will be covered with bandages that must remain in place for 48 hours. You will experience extensive bruising and swelling due to tissue trauma. This will last from two to three weeks. While you may not want to go out in public, you will begin to feel much better just a few days after your surgery. Your stitches will come out in a week. There will likely be some numbness on areas of your face, which is normal and may last for a few weeks.

Procedure statistics – more than 1,850 cases.

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“I went to Dr. Saltz based on a recommendation from a friend. He and his staff were so professional and because of his credentials and referrals I chose to have him do my facelift. I look so refreshed and love my results!”

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